5-3-0( V-D-E )
I have the chance to prove that I can compete with the best fighters in the world. It is an honor.

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Recorde: 5-3-0
Sumário: Size, wrestling ability, athleticism

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De: Webster, South Dakota USA
Idade: 37
Altura: 6' 3" ( 190 cm )
Peso: 265 kg ( 120 kg )
Universidade: University of Minnesota


Tentativa total de golpes
Total de golpes bem sucedidos
15% de sucesso
17% de sucesso
69% Solo
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Resultado Lutadores Evento G Q F P Método Reprise
Brock Lesnar 30 Dez 2011
6 0 0 0 R1 KO/TKO
Alistair Overeem 19 0 0 0
Brock Lesnar 23 Out 2010
9 1 0 0 R1 KO/TKO
Cain Velasquez 31 1 0 1
Brock Lesnar 3 Jul 2010
8 1 1 2 R2 Submission
Shane Carwin 40 0 0 2
Brock Lesnar 11 Jul 2009
47 1 0 2 R2 KO/TKO
Frank Mir 4 0 0 0
Brock Lesnar 15 Nov 2008
31 2 0 2 R2 KO/TKO
Randy Couture 11 1 0 0
Brock Lesnar 9 Ago 2008
45 5 1 6 R3 Decision - Unanimous
Heath Herring 9 0 0 0
Frank Mir 2 Fev 2008
2 0 3 0 R1 Submission
Brock Lesnar 16 1 0 2
Brock Lesnar
K-1 Dynamite!! USA
2 Jun 2007
4 1 0 2 R1 KO/TKO
Min Soo Kim 1 0 0 0


Brock Lesnar made an immediate impact in MMA in his 69 second debut win over Min Soo Kim in 2007, and he has continued to shock the world ever since. A 2000 NCAA Division I National Champion in wrestling, Lesnar made a positive impression in his first two UFC bouts against Frank Mir and Heath Herring, but at UFC 91 in November of 2008, he showed why he is one of the most feared fighters in the sport as he defeated Randy Couture to win the UFC heavyweight championship. 

TRAINING: Oh, for this camp we're doing everything different: I start my day off with two hours of transcendental meditation outside in the cold, then I lock myself in my new hyperbaric chamber and ... No, it's the same as every other camp: Get up. Eat. Train. Eat. Rest. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. It's not rocket science.

When and why did you start training for fighting?  I started training full-time specifically for MMA in 2006.  I trained briefly in MMA during my college days.  I always thought I would enjoy fighting, but, due to NCAA rules, I couldn’t try it while I was in college.  When I finished wrestling in college (in 2001), there just wasn’t enough money or opportunity in fighting and WWE made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

What ranks and titles have you held?  UFC Heavyweight Champion 

Do you have any heroes?

What does it mean for you to fight in the UFC?
  It means I have the chance prove that I can compete with the best fighters in the world.  It’s an honor.

Did you go to college and if so what degree did you earn?
  I went to college, but did not complete my degree. 

What was your job before you started fighting?
  I grew up on a dairy farm and there was always plenty of work to do.  After finishing my final year of college wrestling, I went right into professional wrestling with WWE.  After WWE, I took a shot at the NFL.

Specific accomplishments in amateur competition?
As an amateur wrestler, I was a four-time All-American, two-time Big Ten Champion and NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion. 

Specific accomplishments in pro competition?
  WWE Champion.

•    Win over Carwin was UFC 116’s Submission of the Night

•    Won pro MMA debut over Min Soo Kim in 69 seconds (TKO due to strikes)

•    106-5 career record in college wrestling.

•    Tried out for the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings.

•    Only second fighter in UFC history to win title in his fourth pro fight (ironically, Randy Couture was the first.)


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Pat Barry
Pat Barry
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Frank Mir
Frank Mir
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Shane Carwin
Shane Carwin
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