14-6-1( V-D-E )

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Recorde: 14-6-1
Sumário: Powerful puncher, comfortable on the ground

Informações do lutador

Apelido: The Machine
De: Sunderland, England UK
Idade: 48
Altura: 5' 11" ( 180 cm )
Peso: 220 kg ( 99 kg )



Tentativa total de golpes
Total de golpes bem sucedidos
12% de sucesso
28% de sucesso
60% Solo
Defesa de golpes
Porcentagem total de golpes evitados


Total de quedas
Tipo de quedas bem sucedidas
{0}% Finalização
{0}% Passagens
{0}% Raspagens
Takedown defesa
Porcentagem total de quedas evitadas
Resultado Lutadores Evento G Q F P Método Reprise
Vernon White 6 Jun 2003
45 1 0 5 R3 Decision - Split
Ian Freeman 18 2 1 0
Andrei Arlovski 22 Nov 2002
14 0 0 0 R1 KO/TKO
Ian Freeman 1 0 0 0
Ian Freeman 13 Jul 2002
34 0 0 0 R1 KO/TKO
Frank Mir 6 1 3 0
Ian Freeman 22 Set 2000
30 0 0 0 R3 Decision - Unanimous
Tedd Williams 25 1 0 1
Ian Freeman 9 Jun 2000
-- -- -- -- R2 Submission
Nate Schroeder -- -- -- --
Scott Adams 10 Mar 2000
0 1 4 0 R1 Submission
Ian Freeman 0 0 1 0


What ranks and/or titles do you hold? British Champion, Intercontinental Champion, FNC World Champion, Hook N' Shoot Super heavyweight Champion, Cage Rage Heavyweight Champion
When and why did you start fighting? "When I was 18 I was set upon by a group of skinheads, after that I realized I need to look after myself so   I started boxing from then.   A few years later I fought a guy in a challenge in the street and realized that I need to know more than   just boxing to be a complete fighter, at which point I took up jiu-jitsu and the rest is history."
What does it mean for you to fight in the UFC? "Being the most prestigious mixed martial arts promotion in the history of the sport, everyone wants to fight in the UFC.   To get chosen to fight in the UFC is the pinnacle of every fighter's career so it means everything to me as    it shows I fighting with the best fighters in the world."
Did you go to college? If so, where, and did you get a degree? "University of life... and I got honors."
What is your biggest weapon in a fight? "My heart, as I'll give a thousand percent in every fight I'm in."
What are your goals as a fighter in the UFC? "Same as every committed fighter, to be the champion and defeat anyone who stands in my way."
What is your favorite technique? "Knockout punch with either hand, whichever one presents itself first."
Who has been your biggest influence in life and fighting?  "My wife Angie. She never complains when I travel abroad to fight and the one time I decided to retire from fighting, she convinced me that I was still a champion and had to carry on. Behind every successful man, is a successful woman."
Do you have any heroes? "Yes, my father. He was ABA boxing champion at the age of 18 and was the one who started me boxing."
The day before his fight with Frank Mir, Ian's father passed away. His family did not tell him until after the fight. It was his father's wish so that Ian would be focused for the fight.
"It was a very special feeling knowing that I had succeeded for my father. It was a very hard time for me and I would like to thank all those who stood by me.  It was a hard decision to take the fight but one which I knew my father would have wanted me to take."
 What are your hobbies? "Acting. Since my last UFC fight I have starred in a movie named 'Sucker Punch' due to be released in 2006. I have also presented UK TV shows and been given roles in celebrity game shows.
What do you think you will be doing after you fighting days are over? "I hope to have my own academy where I will be teaching guys new skills and learning them new tricks. I am ready and willing to teach new skills."


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