14-4-0( V-D-E )

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Recorde: 14-4-0
Sumário: Guillotine choke, heart

Informações do lutador

De: Cordova, AK USA
Representando: Spokane, WA USA
Idade: 27
Altura: 6' 0" ( 182 cm )
Peso: 155 kg ( 70 kg )


Tentativa total de golpes
Total de golpes bem sucedidos
71% Em pé
13% de sucesso
16% de sucesso
Defesa de golpes
Porcentagem total de golpes evitados


Total de quedas
Tipo de quedas bem sucedidas
{0}% Finalização
{0}% Passagens
{0}% Raspagens
Takedown defesa
Porcentagem total de quedas evitadas
Resultado Lutadores Evento G Q F P Método Reprise
Sam Stout 14 Dez 2013
54 1 1 0 R3 Decision - Unanimous
Cody McKenzie 31 1 0 1
Leonard Garcia 27 Abr 2013
15 0 0 0 R3 Decision - Unanimous
Cody McKenzie 30 5 4 5
Chad Mendes 7 Jul 2012
8 0 0 0 R1 KO/TKO
Cody McKenzie 1 0 0 0
Cody McKenzie 15 Mai 2012
1 0 2 0 R1 Submission
Marcus LeVesseur 7 2 1 2
Cody McKenzie 17 Set 2011
15 0 1 0 R2 Submission
Vagner Rocha 18 2 4 5
Cody McKenzie 22 Jan 2011
16 2 0 2 R2 Submission
Yves Edwards 33 0 1 3
Cody McKenzie 4 Dez 2010
0 1 2 0 R1 Submission
Aaron Wilkinson 0 1 0 0


TRAINING: A typical day of training day consists of hard sparring or grappling and a run or a swim.

When and why did you start training for fighting?  I’ve always been into fighting since I can remember. I watched my first MMA event my sophomore year of high school and that’s when I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

What ranks and titles have you held? I am a purple belt in BJJ and an orange belt in judo. I won some amateur titles in fighting, but all that doesn’t matter; all that matters is that I will be the 145 pound champ of the UFC. I don’t care if they have a darker belt or more trophies and medals, I am going to be the one at the top beating everyone up.

Do you have any heroes? My Family and my Friends are my heroes. Also, people who try and better this world and help those around them. There are too many greedy people in this world; that’s what I feel is ruining our economy

What does it mean for you to fight in the UFC? It means there are going to be a lot of people watching my fight live and on TV and I have to put on a damn good show for all of them. To me, it’s really just a big fight. I have had a few big fights now and I never feel like they are my only chance, because I’m still young and I’m not going anywhere. I will be fighting until I’m too old to fight because fighting is what I love to do.

Did you go to college and if so what degree did you earn? I went to Fight University, the school of Hard Knocks and got a degree in kicking ass.  I never made it to college – I thought it was a waste of money; way too much for an education I can learn for free.

What was your job before you started fighting? Commercial fishing is what I have done most of my life but I have had a million jobs in my life. My parents taught me very young that if I want something I have to work for it.

Favorite grappling technique: Armbar - just kidding – it’s the McKenzietine

Favorite striking technique: High kick
•    Team GSP member on TUF 12

•    Has finished all but two of his pro wins in the first round

•    12 wins by submission, one by TKO

•    12 of 14 pro wins have come via guillotine choke

•    Pro since 2007


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