Cain Velasquez: The Baddest Man On The Planet

Below are excerpts from Cain Velasquez’s feature interview in the April/May issue of UFC 360 on newsstands nationwide April 2. To subscribe to the print or tablet edition click here.
UFC 360: Can you trace your desire to compete in MMA to a  specific moment?
Cain Velasquez: It was sometime during my junior year in college. I loved wrestling, and to this day still do, but I knew I was kind of missing something, and that was the striking aspect of the sport. The feeling just kind of came out here and there, and it grew a little bit. When I saw the sport of MMA growing I thought, “Okay, this is perfect. This has what I’m looking for.”

Your last press tour to Mexico City got a little packed, what happened?
It was crazy. They didn’t really publicize the event too much, so the turnout was a surprise to everybody. We didn’t have enough security. It was in the downstairs of a Macy’s. I was between two escalators, so my back was against a wall. The signing was supposed to go for two hours and it lasted five minutes. People started pushing and getting a little crazy, so we had to cut it. I ended up signing 2,000 autograph cards and had them sent down to Mexico City so people could get one.

Can you walk out the door in Mexico City now, or is it always a mob scene?
Yeah, it depends on where we go. One time I had to put on a disguise and go out the back, but it depends on where you want to go.

When did you start riding motorcycles?
My uncle always had bikes. Even when we were little he would give us little three wheelers or quads. We had some land to ride around. He got me started with it, and then I grew up and didn’t have the money for it. Then Michelle and I wanted to take a class about a year and a half ago and we started riding together. She’s the one that got me interested in it again, now I just love it.

How close are you and Daniel Cormier, what do you think of him?
I think he’s the best heavyweight out there.

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