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5 Greatest Come-from-Behind KOs in UFC History

Five of the greatest come-from-behind knockouts in UFC history
By Jared Jones, FOX Sports 1
"On November 19, 2011, former PRIDE stars Dan Henderson and Mauricio 'Shogun'€ Rua met in the octagon at UFC 139. The result was one of the greatest fights in UFC History, which Henderson emerged victorious from by way of unanimous decision. At Fight Night 38, Henderson and Rua met in the octagon for a second time. The result was one of the greatest come-from-behind victories in UFC History. Sensing a pattern here?

"After being dropped and nearly finished in both the first and second rounds, Henderson was able to land one of his patented H-bombs midway through the third, shattering Rua'€™s nose and forcing referee Herb Dean to wave off the match.

"In a sport as inherently unpredictable as MMA, there is perhaps no more dramatic and captivating a finish than the come-from-behind KO, and now, we must pay tribute to its greatness."

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