Behind the Tattoos of Scott Jorgensen

Scott Jorgensen Says His Vitiligo Makes His Tattoos Look Even Better
By: Jeff Harder, FIGHTLAND
"Scott Jorgensen: I had everything paid for when I was in school—I took out student loans to have fun on. It’s the most ass-backwards way to approach college. My loan had just come in and as a freshman in college wrestling, and our season was done about halfway through. All we had was practice and workouts with the starters, and I had finished up tournaments for the year. So I went and got tattoos … I got two small Japanese kanji on each arm up on my shoulder. The one on my right is “fighting spirt,” and the one on my left was “gain victory.”

"I didn’t know what to expect when I first went in. It’s like being scratched pretty deep and fast. It stings—I don’t know, I started on what I feel like is a pretty safe location, high on the meaty part of my shoulder, so it didn’t bother me. Now, like 120 hours into [getting tattooed], it doesn’t bother me at all. Unless you get it down on your tummy. Your tummy hurts."

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