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"La Mangosta"

Victor Henry

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24-6-0 (W-L-D)


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Victor Henry

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Learn more about Victor Henry's UFC history, fighter facts, and Q&A below.

Cidade natal
Estados Unidos
Estreia no UFC
Alcance das pernas
  • Pro since 2010

  • Six wins by KO, eight by submission (2 RNC, reverse triangle armbar, 2 guillotine, kneebar, 2 armbar)

  • Five first-round finishes

  • Has won 10 of his last 12

  • Holds wins over UFC vets Albert Morales, Masanori Kanehara, Kyler Phillips and Anderson dos Santos

  • Origin of nickname: “‘The Mongoose’ in Spanish. My coach, Josh Barnett, gave it to me, saying, ‘You're just like mongoose - They're very energetic, curious, and somewhat of a trickster, but when it comes time to fight, they're absolutely vicious and go for the kill.’ They take on the cobra with no hesitation. Plus, you speak Spanish, you half-gringo.’”

UFC Fight Night (10/15/22) Henry lost a three round unanimous decision to Raphael Assunção 

UFC 270 (1/22/22) Henry won a three round unanimous decision over Raoni Barcelos

When and why did you start training for fighting? Growing up in a place like Southgate, you going to need to know how to fight, so I figured I'd get good at it at least to start with.

What ranks and titles have you held? LXF Bantamweight Champion, Super Fight League America Bantamweight Champion, DEEP Bantamweight Champion, 2018 Billy Robinson Invitational Weight class and Open weight Champion (Catch Wrestling), King of Catch 2021 Weight class and Open weight Champion (Catch Wrestling)

Do you have any heroes? Godzilla. The Pillsbury Doughboy, as he seems to be immortal.

What does it mean for you to fight in the UFC? It's a benchmark type goal and even though I have fought and beaten guys in the UFC and all over the world, the UFC is the place with the highest recognition. Plus it’s going to help me afford getting my '70 Cutlass finished. Cars are expensive and fast cars even more so.

What was your job before you started fighting? Still have one - bartender/bouncer. But before that I've worked as a dish washer, smog technician, ride operator at Knott's Berry Farm, and generally a rapscallion.

Specific accomplishments in pro competition? Undefeated in RIZIN and undefeated in Russia, fought for the King of Pancrase title.

If any, list ranks in any martial arts styles: Black Belt in TKD, Black Belt in BJJ

Favorite grappling technique: The ones that make 'em scream when they tap.

Favorite Striking technique: The shin to chin