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Danny Roberts Ready To Defy The Odds

Despite losing three fights in a row, Roberts is feeling more confident and more ready than ever heading into UFC Moscow.

Three consecutive losses – the magic number every fighter fears as the end to their UFC employment. But Danny Roberts isn’t like most fighters.

“I don’t know if people think this is something that I should be concerned about, but I’ve faced bigger and darker demons in real life,” Roberts said. “So this is minor. I’ve done it before and you’re going to see it on Saturday.”

Roberts has no doubt that he’ll end his two-fight losing skid at UFC Moscow on Saturday against Zelim Imadaev.

Saturday marks Roberts’ 10th career fight in the UFC (5-4). But he’s never lost even two in a row, let alone three.

“Having the lights on you and the atmosphere of everything going on, it completely takes you away from everything you know,” Roberts said of his experience. “This is my 10th fight so people will be calling me that vet and I’m secure and confident in the work I do and my placement in life.”

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Roberts has earned that confidence with the experience he’s gained, which includes bouts against Mike Perry, Nordine Taleb and Claudio Silva – three stalwarts of the welterweight division.

“There’s no stress. The past is the past and we can’t change that,” Roberts said. “Putting that pressure on ourselves isn’t a good thing to do. Keeping my mind clear is the goal.”

Roberts arrived to Moscow a couple days early so he could make adjustments to the time changes and have a smooth fight week. It’s helped him achieve a clear mind, but whether it’s relaxed or not is a different story.

The mention of Imadaev’s style and the type of fight that this could be made Roberts stand up a little straighter in his chair.

“These are the type of fights I relish. They’re the ones I love and live for because they push me to the edge, to test myself and see where my heart and mind are,” Roberts said.

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Roberts also said Imadaev is very aggressive and is a standup fighter, which the Brit welcomes. He said it’s played out well for him in the past when matched up again opponents like Imadaev.

By the end of the conversation with Roberts you could tell his carefree reaction to a potential three-fight skid was real. Roberts was so eager you would’ve thought it was Saturday morning already.

“I’m excited right now. I’m vibrating inside because I like the fact that I’m on hostile grounds,” Roberts said. “The odds will be against me, so to prevail and be victorious at the end of it will be even sweeter.”